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lckw at libero.it lckw at libero.it
Sat Oct 1 14:44:05 EDT 2005

> Hi Angelo,
> > > To install a slackware disk set (xap in this case) with Slapt-get
> > > we have to use this sintax:
> > > 
> > > slapt-get --search '^\.\/slackware\/xap$'|awk '{print $1}'| \
> > > xargs -r slapt-get --install
> > > 
> > > with slackpkg is simpler:
> > > 
> > > slackpkg install xap
> > 
> > I'll look into this.
> I added an option, install-set to accomplish what you are requesting.
> 18. How can I download every package in a disk set?
>  You can use the install-set option to install all of the packages within a
>  disk set.
>  To install every package from xap:
>    slapt-get --install-set xap
> HTH,
> jason

Thank you!
I have a new request:
to upgrade slackware security patches
I would like to use slap-get 
with one of these commands:

slapt-get --install-set patches
slapt-get --upgrade-set patches

slapt-get, is not capable of doing this, instead slackpkg can do it! :^)
(using the command "slackpkg upgrade patches")

Now,I am trying the latest cvs version and I read the new configuration file,and I think that it could be better to remove the following section:
# slackware testing, extra, and pasture

and, with the command "slapt-get --update" updating the packages list
merging the lists from patches,extra,testing,pasture and from the dir slackware-10.2.
Of course this process takes a longer time,but it is more clean.

I have found a bug in gslapt,when changing the config file using the gui,
it deletes all the lines but the ones not commented!I have lost all the alternative servers list!

Now, I want to do a difficult question:
I think that Tabellini had a good idea writing a packages.txt file with all the dependecies of the official slackware packages,but we are using slackware,whe have disk sets,not debian that has by far more granularity
in package management with the danger to change too much of your system
and breaking it.
My idea is more in line (read conservative :^) )with slackware's philosophy:from linuxpackages.net
I download text-based and X11 applications,and so new libraries,and dependencies.   
To avoid troubles mixing official sources and
unofficial ones (linuxpackages) you could put a comment in the config file
saying this:

EXCLUDE=^./slackware/a* , ^./slackware/l* ,^./slackware/n* ,^./slackware/d*
excluding the upgrade and the remove of new base system packages,libraries,
development tools,and networking packages,but letting the user to only add new ones.

Note that this "exclude" does not let you upgrade official packages (security patches), but I think you could solve this little problem.
good bye, and keep on with the good work!!!


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