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Stefano Stabellini stefano at stabellini.net
Sat Oct 1 15:24:41 EDT 2005

lckw at libero.it wrote:

> Now, I want to do a difficult question:
> I think that Tabellini had a good idea writing a packages.txt file with all the dependecies of the official slackware packages,but we are using slackware,whe have disk sets,not debian that has by far more granularity
> in package management with the danger to change too much of your system
> and breaking it.

Actually my name is Stabellini and I'm Italian too, I really don't
understand how did you misspell the only Italian name in your mail :)

My PACKAGES.TXT has the only purpose to be used for system upgrades; I
can't see your point.

> My idea is more in line (read conservative :^) )with slackware's philosophy:from linuxpackages.net
> I download text-based and X11 applications,and so new libraries,and dependencies.   
> To avoid troubles mixing official sources and
> unofficial ones (linuxpackages) you could put a comment in the config file
> saying this:
> EXCLUDE=^./slackware/a* , ^./slackware/l* ,^./slackware/n* ,^./slackware/d*
> excluding the upgrade and the remove of new base system packages,libraries,
> development tools,and networking packages,but letting the user to only add new ones.
> Note that this "exclude" does not let you upgrade official packages (security patches), but I think you could solve this little problem.

I doubt that something like that could really work, read this scenario:

postfix 2.2.5 - unofficial package from linuxpackages, requires cyrus-sasl

cyrus-sasl 2.1.21 - official package from Slackware

cyrus-sasl 2.2.0 - unofficial package from linuxpackage

If postfix requires cyrus-sasl >= 2.1.21, and you have cyrus-sasl
installed from  Slackware, simply slapt-get won't upgrade cyrus-sasl.
If postfix requires cyrus-sasl >= 2.2.0 and you have cyrus-sasl
installed from  Slackware, if you install postfix and don't upgrade
cyrus-sasl, postfix won't work.

Stefano Stabellini

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there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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